Our areas of expertise

Blue infrastructures

Our approach is to improve the ability of marine infrastructures to host marine life by enhancing their design, construction materials, layout… Through the development of effective habitat features, maritime infrastructures can play an active role in supporting essential ecological functions of the natural system they are included in.

Ecological restoration of key ecosystems

Our solutions contribute to restore key environmental features and processes (hydrodynamics, sediment flow, structural   complexity, etc.), which in turn favor rehabilitation of natural habitats. Our solutions can also consist in providing a temporary of definite substitute habitat that will provide key functionnalities for local species and ecosystem services.

Nature-based solutions for adaptation to climate change

Our solutions are inspired by, or based on, engineering ecosystems and their properties, to meet local climate change adaptation challenges. These ecosystems – mangroves, seagrass beds, coral reefs, hermella reefs, oyster reefs, etc. – are highly complex, porous, self-sustaining and adaptable, and provide numerous ecological functions. As such, they combine coastal protection, carbon capture and storage, and the hosting and development of biodiversity.

Our core strengths

We draw inspiration from nature and its essential properties to implement effective approaches adapted to the local context. 

Seaboost works on large-scale projects that have a real impact on the environment. For example, we have developed a 500m³ nursery of biomimetic habitats in La Ciotat, and a 7m-high 3D-printed concrete artificial reef in Agde (the highest in the world!).

Seaboost’s engineers and biologists work together on a daily basis to design tailor-made solutions adapted to local ecosystems, such as our submerged reef in the Parc National des Calanques, which reproduces the structure of the site’s coralligenous ecosystems.

We can support your project from start to finish, from the diagnostic phase through to site surveys, design, choice of materials, sizing, production, installation and follow-up.

Our team and partners bring together all the skills needed to offer a turnkey marine biodiversity rehabilitation service.

A comprehensive support

A full range of skills that provides a unique synergy between engineering and marine work.



Preferences and requirements for target species, biological mechanisms, functional supports, structural characteristic of habitats to reproduce... Designing our solutions, requires an in-depth knowledge of marine ecology. Our know-how extends to the ecology of rivers and lakes.


Our expertise in ocean modeling, hydrodynamics and engineering of marine and river structures enables us to design and produce stable, long-lasting equipment with a technical and ecological vocation (ballasting, wave attenuation, erosion control). Our solutions also take into account the structural and operational constraints of the structures in which they are deployed.


Manufacturing feasibility, industrial processes and economic performance... Thanks to our construction skills, we can provide effective solutions in terms of costs, volumes and implementation methods.