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Ecological design of marine structures

Innovative tools for marine structures, sources of biodiversity

Restoration of damaged marine ecosystems

Customised solutions to harmonise human activities and conserve marine biodiversity

Operational measures to manage the impacts of sea developments and activities.

Multifunctional artificial habitats to rehabilitate natural environments

Economic development and leisure activities

New fishery and landscaping resources to support a sustainable coastal economy

Our specific services

Customised services and products


Understanding nature and taking inspiration from it


Customised services, products and partnerships


The innovation of a start up matched with the capabilities of a major group

Optimised turnkey solutions

Mastering ecology of construction work, in order to optimise and improve efficiency, volumes and costs


Seaboost, over time

REXCOR project – First spiny lobsters observed in the reefs
The last dive on the artificial ...
31 Jul 2018
L’équipe Seaboost vous présente son nouveau site internet
L’équipe Seaboost a le plaisir de vous présenter son nouveau site internet. Nos plus beaux projets, notre vision du génie ...
23 May 2017