Designing customised and replicable solutions is hard-wired into Seaboost’s DNA

Whatever your relationship to the marine environment, Seaboost supports you in finding the solutions best adapted to your needs, your site and your constraints. We are ready to study any type of request. Contact us:

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A tourism company

Do you want to maintain, develop or make the marine resources which you use for your business? Are you looking for solutions for a sustainable fishing business where fish stocks are decreasing or there are operating constraints?

Seaboost can support you in developing solutions tailored to your business model and the constraints of the sites where you operate, including diving trails, fishing aggregation reefs and pressure offsetting reefs, etc.

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An environmental expert

Are you are required to specify and propose solutions to mitigate the impacts of human activities or developments in the marine environment?

With our dual expertise in both ecology and construction work, Seaboost supports you in identifying and determining solutions that are best suited to the technical and financial context of your projects.

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A manager of a natural environment

Are you involved in restoring certain degraded sites? In your scope of responsibility, are you looking to improve the way the use of the natural resources is integrated into the ecosystems? Are you looking for solutions to improve ecological connectivity between the different species that you manage?

Seaboost supports you in developing solutions tailored to the specific characteristics and constraints of your environment.

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A construction company

Do the specifications of your project include environmental measures to restore the affected ecosystems, fishing activities or preserve certain species? Are you looking to differentiate your services in the marketplace by fully integrating the issue of marine biodiversity in your construction techniques?

Seaboost supports you as a partner in developing innovative, replicable and high added-value solutions which will differentiate you on the market. We can also propose turnkey solutions to integrate them directly into your structures. If you are yourself an equipment supplier for the marine construction sector (ballots, dyke blocks, undersea pipeline and cable protection, etc.), Seaboost can offer to increase the ecological performance of your equipment by contributing our unique know-how.

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An environmentally friendly manufacturer

Does you business activity affect the marine environment (now or in the future), and you need to anticipate, manage and control these impacts?

Seaboost supports you in designing, deploying, promoting tailored solutions to balance your business and all its ecological, financial, technical and social aspects, with the contiguous marine ecosystems.

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An infrastructure manager

Did you know that the submerged part of your structure is a ecosystem in its own right? By applying adapted designs and materials to the structure, you can enhance its potential and thus improve its ecological integration and increase its environmental role. By being a more effective habitat, the structure will encourage the development of a entire local ecosystem brimming with diversity, and all the associated service and benefits.

Seaboost supports you from the very design of your infrastructure for a new project to covering the structure (for an existing structure), to enhance the effectiveness of your facilities while controlling costs.

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